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Everett Andrew Anderson. 24.

Status: Married.

Currently: Finished studying to get a Masters degree in musical composition, while working on the production of 'Superwho?' that opened September 6th, and moved to broadway February 2014 as the co-creator and primary composer. Currently signed to Rage Records-- album to be released in August.

Proud owner of a dog named Kaiblev, a cat named Simba, and a hedgehog named Melly. Brother to Kaila and Blaine two assholes who never write or call.

Words of Wisdom:

Money can't buy you happiness, but it can buy you food. Same thing.
..But she is.


3Jul ♥ 1 note
I'm insulted~ Baby is, too.

Baby loves Daddy, she’d never be insulted.

You should definitely* get around to fixing that.

Do it for me, I’m lazy.

Your status shouldn't say in a relationship.. Hint hint. It should say married~

should probably get around to fixing that

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[She let out a soft moan, her hands playing with the band of his boxers.] Mm, baby..

Mm. [He let his hands trail down her sides as he looped his thumbs in the waistband of her underwear, tugging them down as he settled between her thighs. He kissed across her abdomen and then down onto her thighs, his teeth dragging along the skin as he went]

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[She kissed him back, her hands moving to push his pants down and out of the way]

[He helped her get them the rest of the way down before pressing his body against hers again, their legs tangling together as he trailed kisses down her jaw and onto her neck, settling on one of the more sensitive spots on her neck as he paid partcular attention to it]

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[Once her shirt had been discarded, she pushed her shorts down and then wrapped her arms around his neck]

[He tugged his own shirt off before wrapping his arms around her, leaning forward to capture her lips with his own]

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Mhmm, now get these clothes off of me.

[He grinned as he tugged on the hem of her shirt to get it up and off of her]

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But the baby.

I see what you did there.

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